Track your Standard Shipping Without Tracking or Lodging Information

By Gavin | October 25, 2019

For PostalExperience tracking com pos scan code and I am going to show you how to track your standard shipping when there is no tracking or lodging information from any international websites.

We, all know that when you book a product from any of the Chinese let's say, and we choose for the standard shipping, we have no tracking information. In this case, I will show you how you can track your standard shipping without any tracking information.


How to get the barcode without any tracking information

You can see I have purchased one product from Bangor, it has standard shipping, I will show you you can see there is no logistic information, the shipment has been shipped on the 27th of this month. How I can track this shipment? PostalExperience tracking com pos scan code!

Because I have no tracking information, so what I will do is contact my band good customer care, and I will try and contact them to get my barcode number every package has a one barcode number which will be printed on the packet itself.

I will contact my contact customer care of Bangor and I will take my barcode number, so you can easily go for 'contact us' option on the right side of the corner of the website, and put in your order ID, and start a chat.

Where we can track our shipment

I have got my barcode number because it was already showing you I am in our queue, 27 people are waiting. I have already got my barcode number before and 16gb part for a barcode number, so let's get to the website. I will show you which is the website, where we can track our shipment.

This is a website name, that is gone to a boundary website, so we'll put a barcode number on that website. I'll just take out the website address, this is a website PTT registered mail flatten service. You can see here, you can put the barcode number, I'm just punching in my barcode number.

After entering the barcode number, you have to enter the security code, which is shown that picture and click on a track, now you can find detail information about your shipment.

You can see the last transition update has been updated on the 25th.

This website will get updated every 3 days, and you will get the live tracking information every 3 days, even though if you go to another website like 17 tracks.

PTT will show you every detail information

All on your official website of the banquet, it will show only the item product has been dispatched, no other information will be updated until unless your product is been delivered, because standard shipping doesn't have any sort of frightening information, but PTT will show you every detail information of your standard shipping.

I will show you on 17 track what will be my order status. I will cop my order number from bandwidth, and I'll just punch India, you can see my tracking information on 17 track is showing like the product is dispatched, this will remain same hereunder analyst until you are getting your product delivered, no other information going to update.

But in PTT you will get the detailed information on every three days, because I have already tracked my previous per product with the PTT, and I have got the correct and confirmed information from this website. I hope this will help with your next purchase.