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By Gavin | July 11, 2019

For USPS office of inspector general hotline and delivering more than 170 billion pieces of mails to 150 million delivery points and operating over 30,000 retail and delivery facilities is a big job.

It's handled by one of America's most trusted entities - the United States Postal Service, that trust comes as a result of the dedicated postal employees who collect process and deliver the mail every day.


The American public has an expectation

For USPS office of inspector general hotline and the American public has an expectation that their mail will be delivered on time not tampered with and not damaged, helping to preserve that trust and maintain confidence in the Postal Service is the Office of Inspector General, commonly referred to as the OIG, our mission promoting integrity and accountability in America's postal system.

This is the OIG hotline, it's a busy place handling more than 140,000 phone calls, emails, faxes and voice messages each year, you can call us or reach us online to report fraud, theft, and misconduct by postal employees or contractors or frauds against postal service programs.

But first I want to tell you about the two basic components that make up the office of inspector, general audits and investigations both play a key role in maintaining confidence in the Postal Service by addressing risks, safeguarding its revenue and assets and promoting integrity among postal employees.

Let's take a look at the audit program first

Let's take a look at the audit program first, the work of OIG auditors and evaluators goes a long way toward improving the Postal Service's bottom line. I do auditors review, postal programs and operations to help determine whether they are efficient and cost-effective.

We do financial audits and also evaluate internal controls. The postal service is a huge agency with billions of dollars in revenue and assets, our audit report findings help the Postal Service assess they are strategic financial and operational risks.

Now let's look at the second main component of the OIG investigations

Now let's look at the second main component of the OIG investigations, earlier I mentioned trust that American citizens place in the Postal Service and the US mail, although the vast majority of postal employees are dedicated.

And hardworking, a small number of employees and contractors betray that trust in the Postal Service by committing postal crimes, special agents of the OIG federal law enforcement officers investigate those few who commit crimes and frauds against the Postal Service, our investigations also help prevent fraud.

And misconduct, specifically we investigate crimes committed by employees or contractors who steal, delay or destroy mail, embezzle postal funds, defraud the workers compensation system, or commit contract, fraud computer crimes, and sale or use of illegal narcotics by employees are also part of our jurisdiction, as well as investigating employee misconduct with over 1,000 investigators auditors and professional support personnel in offices across the nation.

We are staffed to meet the challenge of preserving

We are staffed to meet the challenge of preserving the trust in the Postal Service, but we can always use your help. If you suspect that someone is committing a crime against the Postal Service, contact us here at the hotline.

We make it easy for you to do that, you can call us at 1888 - USPS - OIG, or reach us through our website USPS/OIG/gov, and while you're there check out our pushing the envelope blog, it features weekly topics on issues relevant to the Postal Service, visit us and join the dialogue.

The OIG is here to help maintain the integrity and accountability of your Postal Service, with your help the Postal Service will continue to be regarded as America's most trusted government entity.

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